The Importance of Client Engagement for Public Practitioners

The Importance of Client Engagement for Public Practitioners

What is Client Engagement?

Client engagement is how public practitioners interact with and connect to your prospective and current clients. Client engagement touch points can include phone calls, emails, in person meetings, newsletters, email marketing and much more. They can be as formal as quarterly status reports and as informal as text messages or birthday and thank you cards. Client engagement encompasses all interactions between an accounting firm and its clients. It is important because it reflects both how you view and treat the people around you.

Key Marketing Elements of Client Engagement for Public Practitioners

  • Newsletters – a great client engagement tool for public practitioners. Newsletters can contain a compilation of promotional and non-promotional content. While in the past, these have often been hard copy documents, you’ll likely want to consider an e-newsletter for your accounting firm. Newsletters can help you share important or timely news and updates, as well as position you as an invaluable resource to your clients by providing engaging, informative content.
  • Other Email Marketing – any material sent from your accounting firm to a potential client should also be considered an engagement opportunity. An inexpensive tactic, sending thoughtful emails and email marketing pieces can help you stay in touch with clients, build relationships and spread the word about services, products, events, or updates.

Effective client engagement is essential for accounting firms, no matter the size. Everything you communicate creates a unique voice that differentiates your firm from others and builds a foundation for trust with your clients. This is especially important with accounting firms, as people have to trust you with some of their most important assets.

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