Professional Development This Fall

The fall CPA Professional Development Catalogue has been delivered and firms are inquiring as to which courses we would recommend taking this fall. Our answer of course is “it depends”.

See below for our suggestions based on the issue(s) you are facing.

If implementation of the Canadian Standard for Review Engagements (CSRE 2400) did not go quite how you expected or you are unsure if your files are compliant consider:

  • Review Engagements – Specific Topics

If you are not aware that there is a new Auditors’ Report required for all 2019 fiscal year ends and beyond consider:

  • Assurance – Update 2019
  • Audit Engagements – Review of the Standards (2 days full CAS coverage)

If you are looking for guidance for upcoming changes to the accounting standards for private enterprises (ASPE) or assistance with presentation and disclosure requirements consider:

  • ASPE – Construction Industry
  • ASPE – Update 2019
  • ASPE – Related Party Transactions
  • ASPE – Disclosure and Presentation

For not-for-profits, if you are dealing with entities with significant tangible capital assets, intangible capital assets or collections consider the NFPO Disclosure and Presentation course or NFPO Review of the Standards.

If you don’t see a course that focuses on your specific topic of interest let us know. In-house sessions are available.

Author: Bridget Noonan

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