COVID-19: Public Practice Survey

The uncertainty regarding the economic impact of the corona virus and government’s response to the disease has impacted all public practice firms both large and small.  What many of us are wondering is whether our experience has been typical of what other firms have seen?  Also, we are sure that many of you would like to know what other firms have done, and are considering doing, to manage their business as a result.

Now is your opportunity to find out via Clearline Consulting’s COVID-19: Public Practice Survey. The survey addresses how COVID-19 has impacted public practice firms, their level of preparedness for the crisis, whether they have applied for government benefits, and other steps they have taken in response to the crisis.

All those who complete this survey will receive a free copy of the results as well as our special report that will discuss the results and explore the longer term impacts that COVID-19 may have on public practitioners.  In order to ensure you receive free copy of the survey results and special report please complete the survey by July 10, 2020. It takes just 5-10 minutes to complete.

Take the COVID-19: Public Practice Survey Now

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