COVID-19: Return to Work Policies and Staff Compliance Agreements

We know from the results of our COVID-19: CPA Public Practice Survey, that was recently completed, that a significant percentage of small to medium sized firms closed their offices and continued to service clients remotely from home.  Since then, many firms have returned to their offices but may be struggling to communicate the new COVID-19 workplace safety rules and regulations to employees. Also, firms have indicated to us their need for a way to ensure that staff are in compliance with these new rules and regulations and may be looking for a formal statement of compliance from their staff.

Looking forward to the Fall and Winter months, many more firms will likely be returning to the office, either full-time or some form of part-time revolving staff schedule, depending on the firm’s ability to ensure safe working conditions. Addressing all of these issues takes time, and with the delayed tax filing deadlines, and perhaps a desire to take some well deserved time off this summer, finding this time can be difficult.

In response to these issues, we worked with Jay Spiro, of Yeager Employment Law in BC, to come up with resources and templates for CPA Firms. So, if you are looking for a template for a Return to Work Policy Guide as well as a Staff Compliance Agreement, which can be easily modified to your firms specific provincial or operational needs, we have teamed up with Jay Spiro of Yeager & Company Law Corp., Barristers & Solicitors to create this resource for you. 

If you have specific questions about your employment policies or practices you can contact Yeager Employment Law for a consultation.

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