Agreed-upon engagements for Law Society of BC Accountants Reports

With the new Agreed-Upon Procedures standards now in effect we are continuing to provide resources for practitioners for the execution of these engagements.  In response to requests from practitioners, we are pleased to announce that we have released our AUP engagement template file for Law Society of BC (LSBC) Accountants Report engagements. We also have available an AUP engagement template file specially for BCFSA (BC Real Estate) Accountants Report engagements. 

The Caseware file contains a sample engagement letter, engagement acceptance and completion checklists, a draft representation letter and a templated Agreed-Upon Procedures Engagement Report. Note that the template has been fully customize for LSBC procedures and would need to be modified internally for any other type of AUP engagement. 

If you are looking for preliminary considerations around the new standards see our previously posted blog.  As AUP engagements gain more momentum in Canada as a firm service we will consider the need for other templated engagement files.  In the meantime, we have published our sample engagement letter for firms which can be tailored to other types of AUP engagements or for those practitioners who are not in need of the full sample file.

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