Compliance Review – Adoption of CSRS 4200 Compilation Engagements

The implementation of CSRS 4200 is the most significant change accounting firms have faced in over 30 years. Now is the time to receive feedback on your firm’s compliance with the new compilation engagement standards before templates and files are finalized.

Clearline Consulting can help. We have completed our first round of cyclical monitoring for compilation engagements completed under the new standards and have published our common deficiency findings.  We are accepting new firms who would like feedback on the success of your implementation of the new standard and other related feedback.

Sign up now for our cyclical monitoring and firms will:

  • Get a review of completed compilation engagements.
  • Receive firm-specific feedback on compliance with the new compilation engagement standards.
  • Avoid having to undo ineffective or incorrect templates or processes later by ensuring they are correct now.

What to expect:

  • Once you complete our registration form we will contact you with further instructions.
  • Participating firms will need to submit compressed CaseWare files or PDF files for completed compilation engagements (minimum of 2).
  • We will review and provide firms with a monitoring report that includes firm-specific comments related to compliance with the requirements, use of templates, resources and all related documentation.

Program Cost: $1,749.00 per firm (additional fees apply where more than 2 completed files are selected for review).  Alternatively, our common deficiency report can be purchased separately from our store. 

Share this blog with your colleagues, sign up for our newsletter and reach out to @ClearineConsulting anytime through this contact us link if we can assist with standards implementation including compilation engagements, cyclical monitoring requirements, CPD and related training, or practice management considerations. Visit our store to see new products released for AuP engagements, redeemable shares and common deficiencies found on implementation of CSRS 4200.

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