Audit Partner Network

As assurance partners of Clearline CPA, and in working with hundreds of small and mid-size CPA firms across Western Canada, we understand the pressure regulations such as IES(8) place on a firm’s resources.

We developed the Audit Partner Network to help smaller and mid-size firms continue to provide full assurance services to their clients. Participating in these sessions will keep you up to date with all pending standards changes and more importantly allow you to share ideas and suggestions for how we implement these changes into our practices.  The Audit Partner Network will address:

Not familiar with the IES(8) requirements? See this article published by Canadian Accountant.

Join our Audit Partner Network

Want a preview? Our inaugural session, held October 29th, 2020, is available as a recorded session here.  You can register for the 2021 Audit Partner Network here.

Download our brochure to learn more about the Audit Partner Network. Still have questions? Consult our frequently asked questions for more information.

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A group of like-minded practitioners who are committed to the provision of full assurance services for their clients. The Audit Partner Network provides you the confidence obtained in knowing what changes are coming and a network of peers to practically implement solutions for smaller firms.