2019 Professional Engagement Guide (PEG) Update

Professional Engagement Guide (PEG) update It’s that time of year again when the updated PEG checklists are released and your firm templates should be updated.       New Resources Whether you subscribe to Caseware, Jazzit or another third party service provider and use the checklists in their entirely or you customize your firms’ templates … Continue reading “2019 Professional Engagement Guide (PEG) Update”

New Quality Management Standards Proposed for Canadian CPA Firms

By Justin McLaughlin / Bridget Noonan Due to the ever-changing landscape of the Canadian environment, the Auditing and Assurance Standards Board (AASB) proposed a new standard for quality management in April 2019. The AASB is proposing to adopt the international standard, ISQM 1, as CSQM 1. An additional standard, CSQM 2 will be created and … Continue reading “New Quality Management Standards Proposed for Canadian CPA Firms”

CPA Canada Quality Assurance Manual Updated for CSRE 2400

CPA Canada has released the 9th update to its Quality Assurance Manual (QAM) publication which is a package of materials, templates and worksheets designed to help firms comply with Canadian quality control standards. The most significant aspect of this update is the inclusion of material that addresses the new review engagement standard, CSRE 2400.  As … Continue reading “CPA Canada Quality Assurance Manual Updated for CSRE 2400”

The Results Are In… CPABC’s 2016-2017 Practice Inspection Report

The results are in and 23% of assurance firms are in need of some assistance and we are here to help. CPABC has released the 2016-2017 practice inspection results and almost one in every four firms providing assurance services did not meet the requirements of the practice inspection program…