Manager Coaching Program

We know how difficult it can be for smaller firms to retain key senior staff.  Staff who are ready to enter junior management roles tend to move to larger organizations.  After making significant investments of time and money into these individuals small firms tend to lose them right at the point when they could start taking workload off the partners and really contributing to the growth and profitability of the firm.  Although there is no one solution to these issues there are a lot of ways to better support staff who wish to stay in public practice.

In managing our own CPA firm and working with hundreds of other CPA firms across western Canada we find the following are significant factors that lead so poor senior staff retention at smaller firms:

Introducing the Manager Coaching Program

In response to these perceived and real concerns, we developed the Manager Coaching Program to help firms invest in and empower their senior staff to grow both in their careers and within their current organization.

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A multi-year educational, coaching and networking program for new managers in small to mid-sized public practice firms. The Manager Coaching Program can help take a new CPAs career in public practice to the next level.

Improve staff retention by developing your employee’s post CPA qualification skills. Obtain the benefits of leveraging trained managers in your firm.