File Template for AuG-16 – Compilation of a Financial Forecast or Projection (“AuG-16”)



If you are asked to attach your firm’s letterhead to a forecast or a projection for lending or acquisition purposes, AuG-16 is the relevant standard to follow. We find that, as with all engagements, having a firm standard template always helps ensure standards are met, sufficient documentation is provided and evidence of review and supervision is available. Clearline Consulting has made available the following resources for your Firm:

  • Draft engagement letter, because you have an engagement letter for all service you provide
  • Template working paper to assist in the documentation of your understanding of the entity, required to ensure you have assessed the reasonableness of the assumptions being used in the forecast
  • Working papers to assist in with the documentation of the relevant assumptions, how they were developed and what supporting information is available such as historical financial results
  • Compliance checklists to ensure AuG-16 requirements are all addressed
  • Draft management representation letter, which is highly recommended to support managements representations around the assumptions provided in the development of the forecast or projection
  • Draft Notice to Reader to be attached to financial forecast

Upon checkout, you will see the AuG-16 FIRM RESOURCE FILE link available for download.  Download this file and save it to a folder prior to uncompressing the Caseware file.


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