Implementation of CSRS 4200 Compilation Engagements – Engagement Monitoring


Are you a Canadian CPA firm looking to ensure you are compliant with the requirements of Compilation Engagements CSRS 4200? Clearline Consulting can help! We have the expertise and experience to help firms identify and address any deficiencies noted in practice reviews, so you can rest assured that your firm is compliant with the latest regulations and standards.

Many of the provincial CPA bodies have issued CSRS 4200 Compilation Engagement Alerts, such as the one issued in BC, putting practitioners on notice that inspection findings are highlighting deficiencies in the application of the requirements under CSRS 4200, Compilation Engagements.

Completed Engagement Monitoring

We will review two completed compilation engagements and provide you with specific firm feedback as it relates to compliance with CSRS 4200, Compilation Engagement requirements and discuss any related process improvements, complete this short registration form and we will be in touch.



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