CPA Firm – Human Resources – Job Descriptions tied to CPA Competency Map



“If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it” – Peter Drucker. 

In the absence of specific, performance expectations, we create a guessing game of what is expected on the job and per level within our firms.  How can we expect our people to measure their own performance, understand their current skills and determine goal attainment opportunities, without an understanding on the core competencies, expectations and predictors contributing to job success for their specific role?

Creating a detailed and standardized document outlining performance expectations across levels and practice areas will help:

  • Create alignment and an understanding of performance expectations per role
  • Develop robust goal setting aligned to performance expectations and measures
  • Showcase career progression and pathing within the firm
  • Support tailored learning opportunities aiding in further skill and career development
  • Create more meaningful conversations through mentoring (informally and through PERT) on continual performance

In this bundle you will receive the following robust templates:

  1. A competency grid for three levels, including a Staff Accountant, Senior Accountant and Manager.
  2. A job description for the three levels, including a Staff Accountant, Senior Accountant and Manager.

These resources take into account the CPA Competency Map, including the technical and enabling skills as outlined as the key competencies required for a CPA entering our profession. The new ‘Leading the Way: Competency Map 2.0’ is currently being finalized.

If you need assistance integrating the firms human resources policies and procedures into your firms quality management requirements contact Bridget Noonan at Clearline Consulting.

If you need assistance with creating detailed job descriptions and competency grids in alignment with new specifications and competency areas per the new Competency Map 2.0, or if you would like to expand the job descriptions and competency grid across your practice areas, including administration and accounting, contact Sofia Arisheh from Upskill Consulting for a free consultation.


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