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As we start planning for tax season this year, there is a significant increase in trust reporting obligations expected under the new legislation. To assist firms in communication with clients and gathering the necessary information to file these returns, Clearline Consulting has made available the following resources for your Firm:

  • Draft communication for distribution to your clients via email or your newsletter (word)
  • Draft communication for distribution to lawyers specific to the requirements as they relate to the Law Firms trust accounts (word)
  • Draft communication to beneficiaries to request necessary personal information (word)
  • Data sheet which includes all the information firms will need to accumulate in order to file the T3 (word/excel)

We have also provided copies of Clearline CPA’s firm tailored T3 engagement letter and T3 checklist.

**Please note CPA Canada’s version of a T3 Engagement Letter and Checklist are available to firms who have the Practice management, advisory, compilations and tax guide (PACT) subscription. If there is limited value to your firm in the above noted communication resources, you should refer to your PACT subscription.**

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