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Enhancing Your Practice: Comprehensive Consulting Services for Accounting Firms

The past three years have been a whirlwind in public practice, with rapidly evolving tax legislation and no signs of a slowdown. At Clearline Consulting, we understand these challenges.  We offer a range of consulting services to alleviate your administrative burdens and ensure compliance with professional standards. As partners in public practice, we stand ready to help you navigate these demanding times effectively. These services can be separately purchased or bundled together in an annual subscription.  Complete our short survey, or book a meeting, and we will send you a proposal to assist you and your firm throughout the year when you need us most.  

Our Most Popular Services 

Completed Engagement Monitoring

Our Completed Engagement Monitoring service provides a thorough inspection of your completed engagement files for compliance with professional standards, best practices, and efficiencies in engagement preparation. This proactive service is crucial for preparing your firm for practice inspections and enhancing the quality of your engagements.  Many firm’s complete cyclical monitoring each year to help identify standards and template changes.  Others prefer a 3-year rotating cycle.  Which ever you choose schedule this to be completed at least one full cycle ahead of your practice review. 

Assistance with Firm’s Documentation of the Quality Management Requirements (CSQM1 and 2) 

If you have not yet implemented the firms documentation for the System of Quality Management, or perhaps you are stuck and unsure how to finalize what you have already done, we can help.  See our blog for a summary of the information we will require, the process and the cost. 

Professional Consultations for Practitioners

Understanding the complexities and challenges of managing a public practice, we offer professional consultations in ethical, legal, regulatory, compliance and general practice management. Our network of experienced colleagues ensures that you have access to a broad community of knowledge and support. Whatever challenges you are facing, we can help you find a solution.

Review of Firm Templates 

This service focuses on maintaining up-to-date engagement templates and robust quality management processes, working alongside a senior member of your firm. We will review your firm’s current templates to ensure your template files are using the most current resources. We ensure that your firm’s practices meet and exceed professional standards, reinforcing your commitment to excellence. 

Ongoing Monitoring and Maintaining your Quality Management Processes 

Ensuring your internal quality management processes are occurring can be difficult.  We are here to support your firm’s quality management partner or senior staff member to hold them accountable to ensuring your annual compliance is executed.  This includes internal annual monitoring, execution of employee evaluations, receipt of annual confirmations and other tasks that need to be completed each year. 

CPD Planning 

We assist in developing an annual CPD program tailored to your team, focusing on areas relevant to your firm’s services. This includes customized training plans, budget planning, and recommendations for various service providers. As they say a failure to plan is a plan to fail, and when it comes to selecting relevant, effective and affordable CPD this can be true.  

Our Newer Services 

CDAP Grant Support and Digital Transformation

We guide firms through the CDAP grant application process, offering comprehensive support in technology assessment, implementation, training, and compliance. This service ensures your firm can effectively leverage the CDAP grant to enhance efficiency and competitiveness in the digital age. Learn more about the CDAP Grant Support and Digital Transformation here.

Jazz-it Support 

If you are struggling to ensure your Jazz-it templates are all up-to-date, we can assist you.  With remote access, we can ensure Jazz-it updates are installed and your firm’s master files are all current.  We will also provide you with a summary of all changes and instructions for your team members. 

Sample Note Disclosures 

We can update your sample note disclosures to provide your team members with a resource that will save them time on all of your engagements.  Whether you have your sample notes in the Jazz-it library or in a word document.  We will review and update your templates to help your firm with ASPE and ASNPO presentation and disclosure compliance. 

Our suite of services is designed to support and enhance the operations of accounting firms in Canada. With Clearline Consulting, you have a partner who understands your challenges and is dedicated to helping you succeed in a dynamic environment.

If you are looking for firm resources or continuing professional development please contact me directly or refer to our website.  Please complete our short survey to help us better serve you and your firm.



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