CSRS 4400: Agreed-upon Procedures Engagement Letter



There is no sample engagement letter available through CPA Canada’s subscriptions to either the Professional Engagement Guide (PEG) or the Practitioner Advisory Compilation and Taxation (PACT) Guide for CSRS 4400: Agree-upon Procedures Engagements.  You can modify your firms engagement letter template using excerpts provided in the application guidance in CSRS 4400.  Alternatively, we have created a generic sample engagement letter that can be modified for various AUP engagements.  Please note that a sample engagement letter is already included in our BCSFA (BC Real Estate) Accountants Report template, this product is available where the firm is only in need of a sample engagement letter.

When purchasing this product you are specifically representing that you have a valid subscription to PEG or PACT.

Note that provincial legislation may differ and that we are not providing legal advice, the sample should be reviewed and modified as required under you provincial legislation and relevant code of professional conduct.


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