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CSRS 4200 Transitioning to the New Compilation Engagements Standard

It is not the complexity of the new standard that will cause significant disruption to firms, it is the sheer volume of files that need to be transitioned. With resources currently available through your professional engagement guide subscription and related training sessions we recommend you get started before tax season is upon us once again.

A Firm’s transition plan is highly dependent upon a number of factors: size and structure of the firm, staffing, number of current engagements, and your current engagement documentation and processes. We have created our transition plan here at Clearine CPA which includes a combination of internal training, engagement scoping, template development and planned client communications. You are welcome to download a copy of our transition guide here.

If you are looking for additional resources to assist we have published an engagement scoping spreadsheet and a template client communications document on Clearline Consulting’s online store.

If you are looking for a firm customized training session or any other assistance with transition we are here to help.



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