Clearline Consulting’s Annual CPD Sessions

We have published Clearline Consulting’s 2023 Annual CPD Sessions. We continue to expand the number of offerings each year. There are sessions for all of your team members in this year’s offerings.

Our intention for our Annual CPD Sessions is to take all the guess work out of your firms PD planning for the year. We first identify all of the sessions that we would like to see for our team at Clearline CPA and then we offer these to our colleague firms.

These sessions are concise updates focusing on matters that impact private companies and not-for-profits clients of small and mid-size firms. We focus not only on the technical requirements but also the practical guidance and necessary firm resources.

Our sessions cover all areas of public practice including accounting, assurance, non-assurance, quality management requirements, taxation, legislation, ethics, practice management, staff training and client services. These sessions are hosted by the Clearline Consulting Team as well as our trusted professional colleagues.

Download our brochure or go to our website to review sessions that interest you, we have offerings under our 2023 Annual PD Sessions for all team members. As well as additional sessions dedicated to Partners in our 2023 Partner PD Series.

You are welcome to register in one of three ways:

  • Select your sessions through our online store at 2023 Annual PD Sessions for team members and at 2023 Partner PD Series for Partner specific sessions.
  • Register each individual through this survey link
  • Download our excel spreadsheet and select the courses you and your team would like to attend. Email the excel spreadsheet to us at and we will process the registrations.

Once you are registered and paid we will send you outlook invitations for each individual session within 5 business days.

Verifiable CPD certificates will be issued early in December to each individual with a paid registration and a related Zoom log in into the session. CPD hours will be limited to the duration of the Zoom log in.

Share this blog with your colleagues, sign up for our newsletter and reach out to @ClearlineConsulting anytime through this contact us link if we can assist with tax planning and reorganization services, standards implementation including compilation engagements and quality management standards, CPD and related training, or practice management services.

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