2023 Personal Tax Season Checklists



Many firms make available checklists for clients to download to assist with the collection of information for T1 engagements.  To assist firms with the administrative time and cost of putting these together we have made available our firm template for purchase.

The template is available in Word format and includes:

  • General information schedule
  • Appendix A – Children or dependants
  • Appendix B – Rental property
  • Appendix C – Self-employment / business income and expenses
  • Appendix D – Home office expenses
  • Appendix E – Automobile expenses
  • Appendix F – Employment expenses
  • Appendix G – Principal residence information
  • Appendix H – Investment information

We also recommend that you include client communications related to the identification of any trust filing obligations, including bare trusts.  These resources can be found in our trust reporting resources.


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